Monday, April 14, 2014

PBL General Resource: Buck Institute for Education (BIE)

As a beginning Project-Based Learning teacher, the Buck Institute for Education's website was my go-to site for training on what Project-Based Learning was and resources I would need to begin becoming an effective Project-Based Learning teacher. In my three years as a PBL teacher, I have found that BIE is continually adding new content and features to help novice and experienced PBL-ers alike.

Features I just LOVE about BIE Online:

  • BIE offers a complete overview of PBL. What is it and why do we should we do it?
  • BIE offers an insane amount of resources for teachers, here are a few I have used:
  • BIE hosts all kinds of projects for you to browse through!
    • Visit the Project Archive, where you can search by grade level, content, and even CCSS alignment!
  • BIE is interactive!
    • There are constantly Webinars, Hangouts, Twitter chats to constantly engage with other PBL teachers just like you!
  • BIE wants YOU to succeed!
    • BIE has put together their own Project-Based Learning University (PBLU), of which I am a proud graduate of both course types that they offer--learning how to teach in a PBL atmosphere and learning how to author your own PBL projects and curriculum. 
Once you've spent a few hours on the website like I have, you may just be craving more from them. Never fear, BIE offers print products (PBL books!) for those times when you aren't with internet access, and they offer services and trainings in various formats, like the online PBLU listed above!