Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Problem-Based Learning: Mathematics Assessment Project

The Mathematics Assessment Project has been developed to help bring life to the middle and high school CCSSM through both formative and summative means. Available at the website are tasks, assessments, and lessons designed to facilitate 21st Century skills like problem-solving and critical thinking and foster creativity in the math classroom. The resources are free to visitors and can be downloaded at your convenience.

Reasons I LOVE Mathematics Assessment Project:

  • Search by grade, type of activity, or best of all STANDARDS & PRACTICES
    • Search, Click and be lead to an activity that suits your needs!
  • Lessons are broken down into 2 categories: problem solving and concept development. Two critical areas to develop in Project-Based and Problem-Based learning!
  • Activities are available for grades 6-12, but don't feel limited by the designed grade level, I've used 7th grade activities quite successfully in my high school classroom.
  • Tasks are ranked from novice through expert for both middle and high school grades!
  • MAP is supporting YOU with Professional Development Modules to learn how to use their materials and foster the kind of classroom atmosphere you want!
  • Ready Made assessments that you can take in part or in whole, with answer keys