Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Project-Based Math Resource: The Learning Network

While we may not all live in New York, the New York Times is helping educators everywhere with The Learning Network, their online resource for teachers that connects content to real-world events happening now. The lesson plans include nearly every content you could hope to teach, here are a few: art, history (foreign and domestic), health, science, technology, and yes, mathematics. While this may not be explicitly Project-Based Learning focused, it is easy to see how you could incorporate the elements available here either in part or in whole into your projects. This is a great place to find project ideas that are of high interest to students and are happening in their real lives!

Why I LOVE The Learning Network:

  • The Learning Network covers one of the biggest components of Project-Based Learning: Real World Authenticity.
    • It is constantly being updated and supplying you with right now events that are happening and relatable to students. Follow their site or sign up for their emails!
  • Their link-able and like-able lesson plans, frequently integrating text and video into the mix.
    • These are easily adaptable to fit into projects or to be launching points for projects!
  • The interactiveness with students.
    • Let your students access the site and you'll notice they start showing you interesting things they want to learn.... voice and choice!