Monday, April 14, 2014

PBL General Resource: The Project Approach

The Project Approach website is one that is new to me this year in terms of project planning, but it comes from a name I've seen a multitude of times in connection with successful PBL: Sylvia Chard. The website covers a specific aspect of Project-Based Learning and is more focused on integrating a project approach with systematic instruction. This idea was new to me, as I was more focused on the idea of PBL as a whole-school curriculum. It was fascinating to me that many of the examples found at this website were conducted at one of the biggest names in Project-Based Learning: High Tech High!

Things I love about The Project Approach:

  • The Project Approach considers the social and emotional well-being of a child and related theories to support PBL
  • The Project Approach offers Planning Resources
    • Planning Resource overviews (free and online) and Print Resources (paid and digital or print copies available), along with a study guide to understand The Project Approach!
  • The Project Approach offers a limited project archive to exemplify their unique perspective on PBL. Here is one of my HTH favorites: