Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Project-Based Math Resource: Mathalicious

Every time I hear the name I get the "Fergalicious" song in my head, so thank you Mathalicious for offering me a weekly blast from the past. Mathalicious' tag line "Finally. Math class is awesome." is completely appropriate to describe the content of the site. Mathalicious offers educators the ability to browse through lessons designed to be real-world focused and engaging for students of all ages. Not to mention, they've aligned their content with the CCSS, just an extra bonus for those of us out there who have to make the transition!

Why we LOVE Mathalicious:

  • They offer a wide variety of lessons that are sortable by topic, CCSS "grade level" and exact standards, making it easy for you to incorporate into your planning!
  • They offer free and paid-for lessons depending on your financial abilities.
    • This is also an awesome offer so you can see what the lessons are like before deciding to make a purchase!
  • Lessons appeal to a variety of students through age-appropriate lesson topics, like this XBox lesson!
  • Lessons come with handouts, guides and project extensions, making it easier to incorporate into your unique teaching situation. 
  • They have a variety of payment plans and can work with you if your district isn't helping to foot the bill.

Mathalicious may not be Project-Based Learning projects per-se, but my colleagues and I have been known to use their lessons as part of our planning: either as project launches, components in guided projects, or standalone lessons to increase engagement. Enjoy the exploration!