Monday, April 14, 2014

PBL General Resource: edutopia

Let me begin this by saying that edutopia is by no means limited to being a resource on only Project-Based Learning. In fact, edutopia has so many unbelievable resources for a variety of education related topics, that I have been known to spend hours there reading and researching or watching videos and filling up my colleagues' inboxes with great ideas for us to implement. So, while I adore going to edutopia and receiving edutopia emails for various reasons, it is sometimes important to go to the site with a specific purpose, or else you will find yourself off on a tangent. My primary purpose in going to edutopia this week was to help you all see how to use edutopia as a resource for Project Based Learning.

Things I LOVE about edutopia for PBL:

  • edutopia keeps you up to date on research and practices
    • You can search out research or articles at any time via their website or sign up for their newsletter.
  • edutopia shows you ways to make it work via Schools that Work
    • I often spend time comparing other schools' strategies to my own to see why something is is or isn't working in my classroom. 
  • edutopia keeps you connected
    • There are always blogs being featured and posted to keep you updated and connected with others in the PBL world!) I've got quite a few of these authors bookmarked in my daily-read list!
Now that you know why I love it and recommend it, why don't you go check it out for yourself and see if you don't spend hours on this site!