Monday, April 14, 2014

General PBL Resource: HTH PBL Resources

When it comes to big names in the Project-Based Learning world, one school is always at the top of the list: High Tech High. They've been working on developing their Project-Based Learning schools (yes, plural! Check out just how many schools they have!) for over a decade and have even developed their own graduate school to train teachers in the methods of their madness! So it just makes sense that when you run out of Google-able options for PBL Resources, you turn to others who have spent years finding the best of the best... enter: HTH PBL Resources.

This site, developed by some of HTH's finest is home to many things you wouldn't even think you needed to know about in Project-Based Learning until you needed to know.

Things I love about HTH's PBL Resources:

  • Their focus on product
    • Sure, anyone can create a poster, but what makes a final product special? How do you even know if it is "good"?
  • Their focus on student-staff culture development.
    • Everyone know's the first few days matter most. Find out how they create a positive vibe on their campuses!
  • Their Project-Development freebies
    • They've been working on development for years... their freebies are a gold-mine!
  • Their focus on Project Tuning... it can always improve!
High Tech High was a big inspiration for those who wrote my charter and is still a big inspiration for those of us living out that charter day-in and day-out. There are a lot of great Project-Based Learning schools' out there, who have a lot to share with the world. HTH just happens to be my current favorite. Check them out, I'm sure you'll see why!