Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Project-Based Math Resource: RealWorldMath

RealWorldMath is a website that can be used by students and teachers alike to find real world math applicable projects and lessons designed to show the usefulness of knowing the material. I typically view this website for teachers and have enjoyed looking at their various lesson resources, from Concept Lessons to help my students develop conceptual understanding about various subjects, to Exploratory Lessons designed to show off some of the more interesting and less frequently discussed topics, there is something there for every teacher.

Things I LOVE about RealWorldMath:

  • The emphasis on developing concepts with the conceptual lessons. These can be forgotten in a Project-Based environment, but are so essential to a PBL math success.
  • The tutorials on how to use the technology associated with their lessons and projects
  • The lesson outlines available to teachers
    • Make sure you sign up for a password to access! It's free, so no worries!
  • The blog that you can follow to stay up to date on interesting math connections going on currently in our real world!