Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Problem-Based Learning: NRICH

The goal in Project-Based Learning and Problem-Based Learning is to give your students a deeper and more meaningful experience with the content. At NRICH Mathematics, enriching activities is the name of their game. This website is accessible to students and teachers alike and offers both a rewarding experience to engage in deeper learning through interaction with their various mathematical tasks and lessons. On the student side, students can explore "live" problems designed for their desired grade level as well as weekly problems, videos and articles on mathematical thinking and strategies. On the Teacher Side you will find an amazing array of resources available to help you get your students thinking like mathematicians!


  • Weekly Challenge problems, complete with warm-ups
  • The Trending Section to let you know what is hot right now
  • Exploration activities to use with your students in the Current Section
    • Right now is Dotty Paper, which is exactly what I'm using in a project for my classes this marking period!
  • Curriculum links for "rich tasks" at various levels.
  • STEM resources and STEM Mapping
    • Cross-curricular works best with PBL