Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Project-Based Learning Math Resource: CurrikiGeometry

Curriki is an online host to free teaching and learning resources for educators everywhere. From lesson plans, to units, to entire curriculums, Curriki has something for everyone. For the Project-Based Learning math teacher, one resource available is a gold-mine: Curriki Geometry. Curriki Geometery is Curriki's own CCSS aligned Project-Based Learning math course designed around the principles of PBL. The site has both student and teacher access to it and contains 6 projects that can be used in any manner you choose.

Things I Love about CurrikiGeometry:

  • The Comprehensive package of each project.
    • Including lesson plans, pacing and differentiation ideas
    • A list of websites and resources to use alongside the projects or as-is
  • The materials available to help run a successful Project-Based Learning classroom
  • The inclusion of technology tools
  • Linking to other websites for engaging activities to support the projects
For those of you who may be just starting out or wanting to get your feet wet, taking an entire project may be beneficial to see how Project-Based Learning can work in your school. I always like to have a autonomy and ownership over my projects, so I don't love taking things wholesale, but if someone has a good idea, I'm always willing to tweak it and make it my own!